Cat-Muffin Radio was a pet project of ours that is just about ready to make a giant comeback as something amazing
…if Jibar could actually record.
If you’d like to listen to three British guys blah blah blah about anything, give it a listen and enjoy.

Episode Links

| Episode 1 | Episode 3 | Episode 5 |
| Episode 2 | Episode 4 | Episode 6 |

Episode 6 – Time Travel Special

Flash | Quicktime | Direct Download

I told you. I’m not doing it.

Episode 5

That’s it! I’m on strike. Slash Holiday. Jibbers or Voidy can do this one. -Inks

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Episode 4

Episode 4! Now with Special Guests!

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Part 1
The News!
Chinese Government locate an extra 290km of the Great Wall of China.
…How did they loose that?
“The Pirate Bay” trial- Judge discovered to be an active advocate of stronger copyright. Unfair?
We slate the “World Cyber Games” TV show on Sci-Fi. For far too Long.
We slate VG-Cats! AGAIN! *happy noises*
Obama Dog! Obama’s Dog is NEWS.
iPhone App Store Baby Game. Don’t shake real babies.

Faux-Ad Break 1
Plasmids from Ryan Industries, because we like watching you die.

Part 2
Special Guest! – NickyVess! (Not her real name Spoonerised…)
Jibar goes for a walk and a Chicken visits the studio. Yes, that’s what happened
Webcomics! We steal material from xkcd. Haha, Behavioural Easter Eggs… Classic.
By the way, we’re recording from College. That’s crazy English college.
Cooliris. Firefox addon. Get it. It’s awesome. Pictures, Videos on a 3D wall.
Voidseraph’s stream of profanities was so vile that I [InksGuy] had to edit him out.

Faux-Ad Break 2
Ugly Beer for Ugly people! Buy some if you’re Australian!

Part 3
Everybody’s dead, Dave. Everyone dies at least once.
The “FBI” IDs mentioned in this segment are actually just folded card with “FBI” written on ’em.
(We’re not actually forging IDs!)
Jibar hangs upside down as an experiment in recording quality. And bitches get his Shoes.
Cat Empire… And horrible, horrible puns. And wiping minds.
The colour of infinity is… guess it… BLUE! … Or not.
Nintendo game cartridges/disks/consoles are… well, indestructible.

Episode 3

Stream or Download here!

The Premier Outing of our new Jingle. AND LONGEST EVER DESCRIPTION!
Part 1
Broadcasting today:
Jibar, Voidseraph, InksGuy, and Jibar’s multiple personalities! Yaaay!
In The News
The Pirate Bay operators sentenced, world’s first cloned Camel, flaming homos hobos.
We are sidetracked by a paddle-ball, and British Swearing!
X-Men Origins! Smear Tests! Unrelated trains of thought!

Faux-Ad Break 1
It’s Raptor Awareness Day! Stay out of the Long Grass! …wait, isn’t that Pokemon?

Part 2
Gaming/Internet Segment
Jibar vomits his lungs!
The Dishwasher (XBox Live Arcade)!
Gabe’s Unified Internet Dickwad Theory!
Special Guests: Sean Connery, Christopher Lee, Sir Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart!
…Or, just bad impressions of them. But don’t let your lack of imagination stop you.

Faux-Ad Break 2
Second-Rate Plastic Surgeons!
… Or, possibly, Cheap Plastic Surgeons ‘r’ us!

Part 3
Zombie Apocalypse: The effect on Britain. Not much.
Casual racist remarks about the French!
Voidseraph dies. Like, 5 times. Really really.
Goodbye, Family rating!

Episode 2

Stream or Download here!

Part 1
In which Jibar does the news. And bites the monitor.
Haha, Thatcher. Haha.

Faux-Advert Break
Sean Connery raids the fridge. Hit him with a Ladle.

Part 2
Cat-Muffin Q&A
Jibar reads The Curious Conundrum of the Common Cat-Muffin.

Episode 1

Stream or Download here!

Part 1
In which Jibar does the News. They’re spying on us.
Voidseraph joins for the Gaming portion and Jibar mocks him.
In the immortal words of Voidseraph: “That’s pretty silly.”
Faux-Advert Break
Moose-In-A-Can. It’s a Moose. In a can.
Part 2
From 21:54 minutes onwards.
In which Jibar and InksGuy walk around a pond.
… And Jibar is hoisted by his own petard.


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