A Hiatus

March 22, 2010

Due to internet problems. I can’t guarantee anything for a while, thus I won’t. However there should be new stuff appearing over the weekend and then we’ll be back to normal.


Imusholtar: Journal 12

March 18, 2010

Apologies for the erratic updates. I get the fortress running again only to be struck by a severe case of terrible sleepiness. In future all missed updates will be replaced with the Baby Hippo.

Balthasar’s Journal

It seems I’m unofficially in charge for now. I tried to talk to Jibar, but he’s been in mourning for Rutskarn. Says we need to dig tombs, for the rest of us. Doesn’t want any of the Orbs of Comedy to die like Rutskarn did. I’ll go talk to InksGuy about plans and give Jibar his space.

The plans are all done up and minings already under way. There’s a hill, further north, covered in greenery. We dug out space under there. A room for Jibar, and then rest of us will share a hall. I’ve never liked this ritual, digging your tomb before you die, but tradition is tradition. Always struck me as kind of morbid. Rutskarn sleeps now with the Mario brothers, Djinn and the rest. Spirits are low right now.

Jibar still hasn’t recovered, so I’m trying to get the fortress running as normal. Get everyone working again. There’s some new stockpiles going up down below for the essentials, food, wood and stone and I’ve ordered a gaol to be dug. Maybe we should think about a militia of some kind, keep the kobolds away.

This Gods damned caravans. Every time they arrive I bring them great riches of platinum, worth far more than any of their poxy goods and they claim they can’t carry such a weight. Our dwarfs can carry them to their wagons to trade easy enough, their job should be even easier.

Hey, puppies. Must play with puppies.

Apparently the metal crafter, Egorn or Egom or something threw an almighty tantrum. The kind of tantrum that dismantles entire workshops. Fortunately she did it outside the fortress and ended up just tossing around some boulders until she calmed down. That could have been a disaster.

Speaking of disaster, Dis has died of thirst. First Rutskarn, then his consultant. Doesn’t get any easier.

The gaol is finished, and perhaps just in time. A letter arrived from Home. Same old Menenar, filled with idle threats and promises of retribution. Said the Hammerer is preparing to make the long journey to Dikegild to personally crush all of our heads, while also making the most ever so polite request that we provide lodgings for when he arrives. Thank you very much Menenar, now if you’ll excuse me I have a Sheriff to elect.

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Baby Hipp

March 15, 2010

Zack and Miri Make A Porno

December 7, 2009

Kevin Smith.

What the hell?