Yes, the wheels are in motion as we speak for the eventual triumphant return of Cat-Muffin Radio.

Hopefully we’ll be featuring such wonderful things as:

  • Guest Hosts
  • Relevant News
  • Hilarity
  • Actual music

So stay tuned chiiiiiildreeen.


Episode 6

August 24, 2009


That’s right, folks! We transcend even time and space this week. On a 15-minute special episode of Cat-Muffin Radio.

As usual, here are your ever-impossible choices:

Flash | Quicktime | Direct Download

We out-do ourselves, really. If you count insanity as a category by which one can out-do oneself.


Episode 5!

July 28, 2009

Hello again! We’re back (after a ridiculously long hiatus) with Cat-Muffin Radio: Episode 5!
As ever, you can listen to the show using your preferred method, with the links below!

Flash | Quicktime | Direct Download

I suggest the direct download, if you can’t choose. It’s an MP3 file. If you’ve done something silly like install the Quicktime plugin, you can right click on the link and hit something along the lines of “Save link as”.
You can put it on your MP3/4 player, iPod, Zune etc and listen at your leisure!

From all of the team here at Cat-Muffin Radio: Thanks for continuing to listen in!

Episode 4!

April 24, 2009

Hey, InksGuy here, with a brand new episode of Cat-Muffin Radio: Episode 4.
And a way better upload site! You can listen with a different plugin at either of these two locations:

Flash | Quicktime | Direct Download

Or, you can download us to your Hard Drive by right-clicking the Direct Download link and selecting “Save Link As”, or something similar.

Aren’t the internets awesome?
Also, check out the Radio Index for a handy summary of Episode content!

Episode 3 is Live!

April 17, 2009

Episode 3 is now up for your listening pleasure, download or stream it below.

Flash | Quicktime | Windows Media | Direct Download

To save the show to your Hard Drive, right click the Direct Download link and click “Save File As” (or “Save Link as”).

InksGuy is working on setting up a podcast service. Right now.

He can also fix this post up for me. Because I’m LAZY.

[InksGuy] Post fixed and updated to include Direct Download Link.

Now available for listening:

Episode 2

Stream or Download here!

And for those who haven’t listened yet:

Episode 1

Stream or Download here!

Click the links and either stream it to your computer or download it.

[Jibar] – (InksGuy, something goofed there. Wanna fix up the links a bit?) -Done and done.

[InksGuy] – You’ll need a compatible plugin to stream the files on Z-Share. Windows Media Player 11 works perfectly, some others might too. But if you can’t stream it, feel free to download it. I’m working on Embedding.