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March 17, 2010

Hey there, Chiiiildren, it’s your host, Three-Dawg! Awoooooo!

Ok, so I lied. But maybe you got the Fallout 3 reference. I’m posting this anyway: thereby proving that I do not, in fact, spontaneously combust when typing.

I’m slowly getting around to coding some custom CSS for this site, and when I’d finished categorising away Jibar’s posts in the early hours of this morning (I’m not one to complain, but he seems incapable of doing it himself…) I took the opportunity to fiddle about with WordPress’ settings.

As a result, you can now search the entire Catmuffinominicon by keyword (or go to a specific month) using the box at the bottom of the page, and I’ve also enabled up/down voting of comments. This may be disabled again, pending abuse: I know you’re out there, kobolds. I’ll go to sleep when you quit throwing things down the stairwell.


New Sigs!

March 10, 2010


New sigs! Look *Points to end of post*
In other news, my short story is coming along… Although not really. I’ve still got the first third done, just need some inspiration and an idea where to go next. But rest assured it will be finished and will be posted, at some point, eventually…

Ooh rah.

So my muse appeared and I wrote what I needed to. Then I sent it to a trusted colleague, and writer himself. And he said that I should persevere. Right now it is only the first third of a short story. There are two more thirds to come. And come they will. But in time. Hopefully in the relatively not too distant future.

So watch this space. A polished and whole, short story is on its way.

Peace out.

I can feel it. Its on its way.

Basically, I am going to post something, more meaningful than this. Not sure when (probably when I get home, for I am in NZ at the moment), not sure what. But something.

I feel a muse. I think its going to be a short story. With a Nobilis angle. Maybe.

So stay tuned chiiiildren. (I liked it too much not to use it).

Also, this is Void and not Jibbers, if that wasn’t obvious, since Jibbers has already posted a bunch of cool stuff, where as I have posted nout. I was just calrifying, because its not overly obvious who is posting what, unless you actively look for the little “Posted by X” thing at the bottom… Yeah.

Yes, the wheels are in motion as we speak for the eventual triumphant return of Cat-Muffin Radio.

Hopefully we’ll be featuring such wonderful things as:

  • Guest Hosts
  • Relevant News
  • Hilarity
  • Actual music

So stay tuned chiiiiiildreeen.

Hey, all.

You may (or may not, depending on how observant you are) have noticed that we didn’t update last week.

Nor are we updating this week. Or, probably, next week. We all have exams coming up, and therefore need to work. We might update, or we might not. But we’ll try to fit an episode in to our busy lives when we get the chance (Read: Late June…).


Well we could get something done if you guys would chill for a little.
I’ll try and stick up some Cat-Muffinominicon entries in the meantime.


Damn, ye beat me to it. Mainly because I only just remembered…

But yes, we are sorry to announce that the radio will have to put on hold for a while. But like InksGuy said, we may or may not update, but probably not.

Thanks for your patience, we shall return in full force come late June.


Site Updates!

April 14, 2009

Well, we’ve got to start somewhere! Why not WordPress?

I’ve done a bunch of updates to the site. Check out the pages across the top there. See? Aren’t they AWESOME?!


Also, Episode 3 will have a Jingle, which I have now finished. Well done me.

If you have any ideas as to where we could host the files on a more permanent basis (ZShare is kinda amateur…), please let us know – leave a comment!

Anyway, if you like our show, consider joining the Facebook group. Big Brother likes to keep a close eye on you.

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April 10, 2009

This is the Cat-Muffinominicon (pronounce: cat-muf-in-nom-ee-ni-con), the one stop source for Cat-Muffins.

After many complaints, this is henceforth where all Cat-Muffin ventures will be located, either as a set of links or excerpts posted straight here.

Shortly following will be links to the first two episodes of Cat-Muffin Radio and the complete works of the Cat-Muffinominicon: the Guide To Amoral Baked Goods and starting soon will be the series Fredriko the Amazing as well as weekly updates to the Cat-Muffinominicon.

I am Jibar, creator and creative force behind Cat-Muffins. InksGuy is our Technical Director and regular Co-Host on Cat-Muffin Radio, and we are also joined by Voidseraph, our second Co-Host.