Jibar – also known as Jibbers, JibJab, “That damn Englishman“… and so on.

Jibar is the Brains behind this whole operation. He is the original creator of the Cat-Muffin mythos, and enjoys mild insanity, writing and gaming. More gaming than can be healthy for any one individual… He hosted our belated radio show, which ran from March to September 2009, before the team became too geographically separated to continue.

InksGuy – also known as “The quiet one who is likely to kill you…” (true story.)

InksGuy is our Technical Director (TD). He keeps the site in order, and cleans up after Jibar. A keen programmer, technophile, artist and musician, he is (was?) a Co-Host on the radio-show, and was responsible for the jingle and editing.

Voidseraph – also known as “Shinfai”. He… well, he used to come on the show as Co-Host. To talk. About stuff. But he’s usually too lazy to post.


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