Welcome to the Cat-Muffinominicon, eldritch dispenser of haunted opinions and awkwardly placed collectibles.
Here you’ll find the works and perks of Jibar, World Famous Cat-Muffin and Aspiring Writer, delivering across the interwebz hilarity and drama the likes of which you never wanted to see. Come, sit by the fire and enjoy the sweet smell of self denial and cheese wraps.
Oh, and sometimes his friends too but who cares about them.
Who are we?


Part Time Paranormal Investigator, Full Time Lunatic

Jibar is the creative force and unfortunate sufferer of the Cat-Muffin Mythos and an insatiable need to devour all media whole. He writes for the site whenever he remembers too, plays far too many video games and half starves himself for a hobby. Currently located at the centre of English gun crime and cursing the disappearance of paprika flavoured Pringles from the shelves of British supermarkets.
P.S. If you want him to actually do anything send him a bajillion messages however you can every day and maybe he’ll wake up from his delirium long enough to type.

Wears A Coat That’s Much Too Big And Has An Eccentric Devotion To Tech

InksGuy (Inks for short) is our Technical Director, a position Jibar made up so that he can annoy him about technical issues, his main role here is making sure Jibbers doesn’t ruin the site in horrible malformed ways and obeys the laws of physics occasionally. He should be writing other articles and the like to post here, but unfortunately he’s incredibly flammable and as such cannot type words lest he should burst into flame. Currently located Up North, he still finds enough time to watch animes in between actually doing work for his degree. If you see any kind of HTML code around here, he did it, blame him.

Excuse Me, I’m Busy Having A Life And Being Successful Would You Like Some Pork?

The third member of the essential trio of MADNESS, Voidseraph doesn’t really do too much. I’d make a joke or something, but he’s the most outgoing one here and it’s a bit intimidating. I hear he makes great pancakes though if you want them. He can also grow a decent amount of facial hair. Currently located back home in the arse end of England after having journeyed across the world in such of his spirit animal or something. Give him a big hand folks.

The Radio Show is Creative-Commons licenced:

Creative Commons License
Cat-Muffin Radio by Jibar, InksGuy and Voidseraph is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


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