Imusholtar: Journal 11

March 16, 2010

Balthasar’s Journal

I’ve had my rest, now to save the Fortress. Why do I have to do everything around here?
First thing first, let’s find out who’s still sane.

I’ve done a quick check. Curly and Dragonrider are still about, but they’re useless for this. InksGuy, Trog and Shadow are around, but they have jobs to do: I told InksGuy to go make coffins just in case, and Shadow and Trog are putting together drinks for everyone we save.
More useful is Sir Mario, ElfLad and Dis. ElfLad and Dis are up and healthy, while Mario is resting. I left a note for him and told the others that they’re to help me hunt the kobold.

We can’t find the kobold.

Things seem to be back to normal around here now. Player Zero, a miner, died of thirst amidst the chaos but that was our only casualty. While everyone recuperates I’m doing up a mining chart with whoever can lift a pick. If we can’t build a bridge over the moat, then we can dig a tunnel under it.
I also did some reconnaissance concerning the kobold. Apparently Curly proved herself useful and dismantled one of the walls allowing access to the moat. The beast quickly made its escape. I’m not entirely sure what happened then, but we’re now cleaning chunks of kobold off the tunnel walls near the entrance. Apparently someone really hated that kobold.

Another kobold just tried to cross the moat. Took one look at the dwarf carrying a bag of kobold and legged it. InksGuy chased it a fair distance before he made his way back. Let the creature be, I say, less mess for me to clean up later.
Speaking of doing everything, there’s an awful lot of dwarfs who are just wandering around nothing. Rutskarn is still stuck on that island, and Jibar wandered off muttering something about camels, so there’s no one to give orders around here.

Sir Mario II has died of thirst. That wasn’t a normal nap down below it seems. He was sleeping away wounds he took while hunting, and none of us were free to treat him. At least the graveyard has a good view.

Autumn arrives, and the tunnels are a bit of a shamble. As soon we get close to Rutskarn, we have to stop or else the damp walls will give way and we’ll drown ourselves. But, with each wall we chart as dangerous we chart another as safe. Pick by pick we’re getting there.

We’ve done it! We’ve done it! Rutskarn has made it out through our tunnel! He is alive! Now we must-
Oh Gods, one moment.

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3 Responses to “Imusholtar: Journal 11”

  1. Balthasar said

    Yay! I saved the fortress from the dreaded Kobold! 😀

  2. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    [Comment marked “Not Spam”, 17 March- InksGuy]

  3. Phase said

    It was me. I pulverized the kobold.

    I’m sure of it.

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