Imusholtar: Summary 2

March 14, 2010

Oh man, where did things go wrong?

Well, I’d say it was the channel system. Building a moat is a lovely idea, but we had a couple major problems with ours:

1. The water was too far away, and to get a decent flow I had to link up other small lakes nearby. This is why Rutskarn is now stuck.
2. Nobody built the bridge. I’ve no idea why either, as I set about five dwarfs to get architectural so someone would slap some wood together. Until they do, there’s a wall inbetween the two halves of the moat where the bridge would be so I can’t simply wait out and let the kobold drown.
3. That kobold. That damn kobold. I thought it would be pretty neat to have our own starving monster, but instead it just made everyone freak out. And freak out they did. Half the fortress was on the other side of the moat to help dig the channels, gather plants or gather wood. The other half are now trying to get food and water to the dorfs who are on the other side of the moat, and then get freaked out by the kobold. Apparently all our dorfs have a terrible phobia of kobolds.
4. The channel project and the ramp project. One or t’other? Probably good ideas. Helped turn our little fortress into a real defensible location. Even unfinished it funnels enemies towards the bridge whereupon they’re very likely to be set upon by one of our Original 7 who by this point are very strong.
5. Balthasar. He is my one sane dwarf right now, who isn’t terrified of the kobold. If I’m to save Dikegild, it is in Balthasar’s hands.

As things are, we’re at a real make it or break it moment. Should Balthasar kill the kobold, we then face an agonising season of recuperating and bridge building. If he doesn’t, we might have to start thinking about Menenar sending in the troops to reclaim Dikegild. No matter what, unless someone builds a bridge fast I fear Rutskarn may be drinking ales with the Gods soon.

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4 Responses to “Imusholtar: Summary 2”

  1. WCG said

    I’m enjoying the story and would hate to see it end now. Can’t you dig a tunnel to rescue Rutskarn? Come in from underneath somewhere? You can always block it up later.

    I could never get dwarves to build a bridge very quickly, and yes, the bottleneck always seemed to be with the architects. But miners always dig like crazy. Just remove any other mining assignments, and they’ll quickly dig a tunnel to a spot under Rutskarn, then stairs up to him (go as deep as necessary to avoid rivers).

  2. Abnaxis said

    You do have carpenters, right? If you want to make a bridge out of wood, you need an architect as well as a carpenter (architect hauls the wood there, carpenter finishes construction).

    Also, I wouldn’t mind having an engraver named after me. It’s always fun being the guy making pictoral memorials of the dorfs’ misadventures.

  3. jibar23 said

    We have one carpenter. His name is Jibar.
    …that explains a lot actually.

  4. Abnaxis said


    Quite literally, I got funny looks from my fellow coworkers.

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