Imusholtar: Journal 9

March 12, 2010

Rutskarn’s Journal

Investigations have come up successful as to the cause of Djinn’s death. It seems while digging out the moat, he ended up upon the wrong side, cut off from all supplies and hope of rescue since the hill had been cut away. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I looked at where they were digging. I might want to check.

Oh dear, I may suffer the same fate as Djinn it seems. What I thought was an escape from the busy rush of the fortress actually was a sealing of my own fate. Fortunately, someone noticed me and they’re digging out a small ramp as I write. I told them to do the same so that we might retrieve Djinn’s body and give him a proper burial.

Summer draws upon us and things with the moat operation have turned out with some minor successes. True, the whole channel project has been a death-trap, literally, but it has proven great for moral since progress halted on the second level and this does bring fresh water closer to us. I hear they’ve actually connected half of the moat to the distant lakes already, though I’ve yet to make the trek to verify myself.
The barracks received a recent upgrade so more dwarfs might sleep at once thanks to the efforts of a few miners when Jibar wasn’t looking. He’s been so preoccupied with building defences he’s accidentally ignored all of the fortress itself. No problem, truly, less of his insane projects to work upon the better and it lets us who still reside indoors to work in peace.

I was to talk with Dis about the other recent migrants, but it seems he’s become taken with a fey mood. I’ve heard stories of the drastic results of these and I dread to lose one of those here still sane and useful.
It also means I have a lost a partner to view the lakes with. I should go consult with Phase. He’s also relatively sane, despite his fascination of the outside.

More kobolds have come sneaking about, but I fear there are no epic battles to report this time. Atheist happened upon the first kobold by luck again, and it seems his presence was enough to spook the kobold away. Perhaps Atheist would be a good place to begin for a true guard force.
The second kobold drew not so much an epic battle as an inglorious massacre. Phase came upon it and drew upon some bestial rage to lift the kobold above his head and smash it into the ground repeatedly. Just as the kobod gained its feet again it prepared a counter attack, screeching and spitting it entered into a mighty rage and made to attack. Made to, as Phase immediately gripped it into a mighty headlock and near enough ripped the beast’s head from its shoulders.
I do not know the the dwarf who engaged the third, as he was one of those who skipped the census. I expected him to attempt a similar fight, but instead he simply grabbed the kobold and threw it into part of the moat. It’s trapped there for now, and I suspect that once the water is flowing we’ll have to pull a body from it.

I may have made a grave mistake with the lakes. They were still working when I arrived and did not stop. Now there’s a small river in between me and the fortress. And there’s nobody else around. This could prove troublesome.

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3 Responses to “Imusholtar: Journal 9”

  1. Brian said

    Can I request a dwarf be named Denubis? 🙂 This LP is great, I’m enjoying reading it.

  2. Phase said

    I am turbo-Dorf! Bow before my mighty dwarven rage!

  3. Yay! I get to not starve to death!

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