Imusholtar: Journal 8

March 10, 2010

Rutskarn’s Journal

Hmph, wretched creatures kobold. Not tall enough to be a human, not pansy enough to be an elf and nowhere near mighty enough to be a dwarf. I’d pity them if it weren’t for the fact they just tried to steal my journal.
I must make a quick note now of the tunnels and channels being built to further this moat project. In one of his few smart ideas Jibar and I going to chase after the kobold.

My, what an adventure. As Jibar and I crested the hill we could see the kobold running from us towards the horizon, chanting to himself ‘Gankis win again! Gankis win again! Gankis am win! Gankis am the best!’
And that’s when saw Atheist.
We’re not entirely sure why he was out there, but Jibar quickly took command. ‘Atheist! You have a pick! Fight the beast!’ When Atheist merely stared, dumbfounded at us, Jibar truly proved himself. Never before have I seen this side of us. ‘As your High Awesomer, Jibar Pewdersmitsch, I hereby order you, Atheist, to become the first member of the Brozed Hall Guard! Now take whatever you can get and beat that kobold into a bloody pulp!”
And, in a moment I shall not forget again, he did. Atheist gave a quick salute and as the kobold came running past he swung the pickaxe with all his might. In a bloody miracle, not only did it hit the beast but it pierced straight through the kobold’s hand. The kobold screeched, and slash at Atheist before making a retreat directly towards us. This was not enough for Atheist however and he quickly gave persuit, carving chunks of kobold everytime he was close enough. Finally at the base of a hill, Jibar and I following close behind, the kobold gave up all pretense of outrunning us and turned to fight. He managed to punch Atheist quite hard in the head before Atheist once more plunged his pick into the kobold’s brain. And then I looked behind us to view the bloody road that led to this battle.
I think I need a rest now, I’m hopped up on blood lust which is never a good path for a dwarf.

The channels are dreadfully deadly right: first Balthasar, now Ceruton. And we had just finished blocking them up so we could have a decent moat in the future. As grand as his schemes are, Jibar does have a horrible habit of not thinking them through.

Oh dear. Oh very, very dear. Migrants spotted over the hills. I need to do a census, and there’s a lot of them apparently. I’ll take Dis with me, as he has little to do these days. I would recruit Jibar, but he’s been cursing at the camels again. Off to do my single duty in this fortress.

I’ll write the census in a moment. Jibar won’t stop shouting about racoons stealing things. Best calm him down first.

Here’s the latest migrants:
Onasuma, a soaper. This seems very useless all things considered.
Blackfox, your everydwarf. She could be put to use carrying things.
Trog, a brewer. A very very welcome addition to Dikegild.
Serp, another animal trainer. She brought a dog with her.
Curly, a potash maker. I’m not entirely sure what that is.
Dragonrider, a gem cutter. I have no records of any gems here, so we’ll have to find some other use for her.
Sir ~ Sir Mario the Second apparently. Says his brother came out this way looking for a home. I’ll leave Jibar to I won’t leave Jibar to tell him anything. Jibar cannot be trusted with that kind of sensibility.
Two miners, Player Zero and Nameless. I’m still not sure if that was just a joke or not, but I’ll leave it as is for now.
Giant dolphin, a stone worker? IS this a joke too? I’m sure Jibar is behind all this.
Another hunter named ElfLad wait~

Hmph. Another group of migrants just came wandering in, I’d best hunt them down.

Oh no. Our second death. The miner, Djinn, has died of thirst. I was wondering why people were complaining of a lack of buckets.

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3 Responses to “Imusholtar: Journal 8”

  1. jibar23 said

    There’s about a dozen dwarfs who didn’t get names this time, as I ran out of ideas. If you’d like a dwarf, you can start leaving your name and preferred job here in the comments and I’ll stick you in as soon as its an option.
    Usually the hightlight of getting a named dwarf is finding out how you horribly perish, so opening this up might just start causing some of that bad luck that’s failed to happen.

  2. Name: Dick Butkis

    Preferred Job: Federal Booty Inspector

  3. Phase said

    Name: Richard Butinski

    Preferred Job: Female Body Investigator.

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