Imusholtar: Journal 7

March 9, 2010

Rutskarn’s Journal

One of the newcomers, Potato, has named the animals who seem to lurk within Dikegild. Normally this would be of no consequence to me, but Jibar has taken to marching around cursing the name Ducim loudly. Apparently this is the mule. I dread the day when I learn what insipid reason Jibar has found to loathe a mule of all creatures.
As I recall actually, Jibar has found himself making enemies of various animals. Thus far there has been the raccoon and the mule, and the wolf that slew Sir Mario has escaped from him.

Truly, a day for celebration is upon us and a day I can in fact record with good reason: Spring has arrived. We have successfully lasted a full year. Jibar has commissioned more statues to commemorate the occasion. I am reluctant to say this, but perhaps this was not such a terrible idea. A full year survived, with food to spare and a mine other fortresses might envy. Perhaps I should hold Jibar in some higher regard. Yes, I shall.

I regret every nice thing I said. Jibar has begun what he calls the Great Channel, and is digging all the hills into blank vertical walls. This is, in his own words, meant to ‘make us untouchable’. The channel would eventually be filled with water, with a bridge built for traders. The plans seem sane enough in truth, save for the fact that they run right through the tunnel.

We’ve started a second level to our mines, and immediately struck Jet. I’m not sure why have this second mine however. Jibar tells me we’re running low on stone to work with, yet my records show we still have several score of stone in the store.
Oh Gods, alliteration. How horrid.

Jibar has started cursing camels now. Says they’re getting in the way. I fear I am losing my mind.

And already disaster has struck. The channel designs are having to be rapidly rethought after Balthasar fell in. They’re digging him out via the tunnel as I write, but it does mean there’s now a connection between this soon to be moat and our very important dwarf filled mine. Can this day go worse?

Oh, someone’s just sighted elves.

The elves just wandered straight across the top of our fortress and made their way down through the fortress to the trade depot. Apparently Jibar did not consider that someone might come from the south, where he has not ripped away the ramps.

I had planned to spend some time with Phase, going over the plans for our farm plots, yet when I came to the barracks to find him I instead found half our population fawning over new born puppies. The little things are insufferable, making a mess wherever they go, yet I seem to be the only one not affected with this mad affliction.

With everyone focused on the puppies, it was left to me to go and deal with the elves. Useless creatures, they refused to take out platinum and carried nothing useful at all. So we still have not made a successful trade. They left without a word just as they arrived. Miserable things really.

I feel a touch paranoid right now. I swear I saw a kobold inside the fortress moments ago, yet no one else has seen scale nor tail. I’l keep an eye ou~

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One Response to “Imusholtar: Journal 7”

  1. Balthasar said

    Rutskarn? RUTSKARN?!?!

    Also I swear when I find out who pushed me in that channel they’re getting a glaring of a lifetime.

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