A Poem

March 9, 2010

All the sky was white as land and sea,
Cloud and ice and snow cloaked the world,
The air was cold and the metal colder
As I stood upon the brow of that vessel,
The Nautilus.

Through porthole eyes the crew saw land,
A sight long missing from their half-lives,
No animal or man was there to greet them
Just as there were no stars to guide us.

It was strange for her to be thus grounded,
The treacherous ice having ensnared us
In the night during our haunted sleep,
Dreams and memories of monsters past.

I remember the silent terror in us all,
Fears of a cold tomb and silent grave,
But nothing could freeze our hearts
Like Nemo’s ascension to the deck.

Eyes blazed
Heart raged
His voice thundered
And he ordered

“Never shall my lady be dominated
By laws of Man or weapons of Nature,
Do not fear the elements, if you must fear,
Instead fear Nemo and Nemo’s wrath!
Free the Nautilus!”

Men sweat and bled for Nemo,
Men worked and died for Nemo,
Three days toil it took
And three sleepless nights,

We struck at ice with pick and shovel,
We thawed the world with kerosene,
The Gods sought to trap us for our hubris
But nothing could freeze the flame of Nemo.

We escaped and sailed once more
Across and beneath the ocean’s surface,
Each man here would gladly die
In the name of Nemo and his lady,
The Nautilus.


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