Imusholtar: Journal 6

March 8, 2010

Rutskarn’s Journal

I cannot bear it any longer. A few days ago Jibar happened to lose his own journal somewhere within the fortress. Since then the fool has been flapping around like a wounded bird, squarking his life away should he continue this annoyance.
Speaking of the withering of life and my patience, winter has arrived upon us all. We have shockingly lasted three seasons now, against all odds, and have a healthy and moderately wealthy life here. Of course these rich resources and strong labour is being wasted upon frivolous aboveground structures to act as monuments to a leader’s misguided belief in himself. It waits to be seen how things develop further from here.

Apparently roads are required to guide the various merchants and migrants towards the entrance of our mighty fortress. To that end, Jibar has ordered us to clear out the boulders and stone that impedes the construction of a paved road. He has also seen fit to order me into assisting; in his mind a skill with engraving and masonry go hand in hand. I’ll likely slip away when he’s distracted once more by those loathsome camels.

I have been generously informed that limestone and platinum has been mined out below. I then informed them that I was already well aware of this, as we’d been building with limestone for two seasons now. The poor dwarf was a little shocked by my hostility to say the least. Not his fault really, he was one of those mysterious new migrants, had no clue. Jibar has just been working on my nerves. He still hasn’t found that journal. I may seek solace with Phase.

It is a strange occurrence when I am humbled by another, but here I am. Perhaps it was my unfortunate history with Jibar that led me to consider the underhanded duplicity and subliminal suggestions necessary to get through his shield of stupidity as a norm, but never would I think to simply ask him a question. No other motives.
That’s precisely what the armourer Dis did, when he asked why we were still sleeping in those miserable barracks. Struck with inspiration, Jibar now has the miners digging out a set of rooms down below. I am a mite confused however, as from the plans he showed me there were only 5 rooms while we number 15 now.

Minor disaster, part of Jibar’s Tower collapsed. Apparently they were making modifications to the final floor and didn’t disassemble it correctly. No one was harmed, which is truly a miracle.

I’m not sure what Jibar is rattling on about, which is not really any great change in normal affairs. This is perhaps a new level of peculiarity. He claims ‘it’s stealing his clothes’ and assure me he will ‘wreak havoc upon the raccoon’. Truly a new level in incomprehensibility.

Jibar is outside right now, waving that axe of his around and screaming bloody murder, or at least that his intentions are bloody murder. I just finished a meeting with the trade liaison in his place, who had to leave soon and thus there was no time to collect and calm him to negotiate the trade negotiations. I don’t know what Jibar would have wanted had he been here, so instead I was useful and asked the liaison to bring a selection of goods my records show to be lacking.

In a surprise act of kindness, Jibar has had an office for me to conduct my affairs in built in secret. I shall go investigate further.

Further investigation shows the office is in fact a chair in a soil room.

Winter is taking its toll upon us all currently. Jibar’s infernal tower is nearing completion, and it is hard work getting water to the exhausted labourers. The lakes are frozen over and we have no buckets with which to transport the water anyway. Jibar assures me it will all pay out soon, which I find frankly unbelievable.

Oh Gods, the Tower is completed and Jibar has already moved himself into the room at the top, citing the excellent view he has off the land around us. Yes Jibar, yes, the barren, featureless land which you can see from your windowless room, of course.

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2 Responses to “Imusholtar: Journal 6”

  1. Rutskarn said


    That’s no fun.

  2. Phase said

    Failure is the only option.

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