Imusholtar: Summary 1

March 7, 2010

So, how are things going?
Stupidly well actually. This is one of the better fortresses I’ve ever run with only one death, no insanities and nobody hoarding dead marmots in their room for nefarious purposes.
The Tower is probably a big waste of time, but I thought it was a good way to get the Fortress started and a sign of what my rule will be like. I do a lot of these big projects like the Tunnel and the Tower, solving one minuscule problem with as much havoc as possible, and this is only really the beginning.
We’ve got food and drink to spare, which bodes well with the steadily increasing population, and the farm plots and still ensure we’ll at the least be able to support our dwarfs should anything go terribly wrong.
Speaking of terribly wrong, I’ve no idea what happened with Mario though. He was a trained hunter and wrestler, so I think the Wolf got in a couple good blows there. When I saw he was fighting, he was winning, then next I know there’s an announcement he’s dead. I feel bad he only appeared briefly, so expect a Mario II at some point.
My big worry is defensive measures i.e. we have none. Goblins appear they could probably kill half the fortress before they stumble across someone strong like Voidseraph. With no metalworks we can’t make weapons either, so we’re going to have to get creative with how we defend the fortress.
So stay tuned for more updates across the week.

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2 Responses to “Imusholtar: Summary 1”

  1. WCG said

    I love reading these. The neat thing about Dwarf Fortress is that you create your own story with every play, rather than just follow a storyline devised by the developer. I really am convinced this kind of thing is the future of gaming.

  2. Davie said

    My, this plowed ahead without my noticing. Makes for some great reading. I’m quite surprised things have been going as well as they have been…I’ve usually run into all manner of shortages by this point. Well, I definitely look forward to reading more.

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