Imusholtar: Journal 5

March 5, 2010

Jibar’s Journal

Holy Rums of Dwarf Heaven, there’s a group of migrants here! InksGuy spotted them off in the distance! Rutskarn is panicking everywhere, shouting about his records and a census or something or other. I’m going to try and calm him down so we can go meet and greet. Migrants. Migrants! This is so exciting!

We’re in luck! These new guys are actually useful. I’ve not had the chance to talk to them all properly yet but they’ve already gotten to work, earning their keep. I’ll do a list of them now so I can remember their names.

Djinn. He’s a miner, which is truly a blessing from the Gods. Brought his own pick and everything. Voidseraph really needed someone else down there who knew what they were doing. Oh. I hope Void doesn’t start rattling on about all that Simon stuff.
YoSaff and Emlyn are two regular dwarfs, no particular job. I told them to go and help out with whatever needs doing and they set about happy as can be. They’re going to be really useful, I can tell.
There’s a planter called Shadow who says he knows all about different herbs and plants. I don’t know if Phase will like having somebody else hanging around his crops, but the extra hand will certainly increase our productivity.
Ceruton said he was an engraver. Not much for art really, but that does mean he knows how to work with stone. Considering how much limestone we have right now, anyone else who can make something useful from it is greatly appreciated.
The armourer said his name was Dis and was greatly dissappointed when I told him we had no metal works. I’m not sure what I’ll get him to yet, but maybe we could get some kind of forge running for him? I don’t know, I’ll have to look into it.
There’s a hunter and warrior here called Sir Mario. Said his fortress was recently demolished by goblins and the guard all split. I sent him off to hunt some camel straight away. Oh, I should tell Voidseraph he can stop pretending to hunt now, we’ve got a real woodsdwarf here!
Finally there’s Potato, who says he trains animals. Considering the lot round here that are doing nothing, this is only a good thing. I’ll get a kennels built straight away so he can start turning these pups into proper hunting dogs.
That’s everyone. Best go and get back to fortress running.

Wow, I have no idea what’s going on now. I think someone is digging more mine routes, the Tower is still being built, someone said something about more platinum. It’s so busy round here these days. Oh, I should be out cutting wood! We need more beds now we’ve got more dwarfs to account for.

Oh no. It’s a very sad day, journal. No sooner had he got here than he left here. Sir Mario was jumped by a wolf just now. Mario wounded the creatures hind legs, but it still managed to kill him. The wolf and his pack are hanging round the body now, so there’s nothing we can do.
Wait, we don’t have anywhere to bury him! Damn it!

Everyone’s real mopey now. They’re all too scared to leave the fortress because the wolves are out there. I tried to calm them down but they’re petrified.
At the least, we’ve started work on the final floor of the Tower. Considering how long it has taken us thus far, I decided three floors was enough. Best finish it quick before anything else goes wrong.

I caught a couple of the new dwarfs whispering in a corner. They were saying ‘Sanrebneshast’ over and over again to themselves. I asked Rutskarn about it, and apparently it’s what the new dwarfs have named the wolf that killed Mario. They felt something that could fell a darf like Sir Mario should be named. I find it all really creepy.

There’s a lot more wolves out there than I remember…

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One Response to “Imusholtar: Journal 5”

  1. Phase said

    Jibar you best make sure I stay alive for the whole fortress.

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