Imusholtar: Journal 4

March 4, 2010

Jibar’s Journal

Now that was a good nights sleep. We finally got a barracks built, with beds for us all. Nice not to be wrenching my back propped against a tunnel wall every night. This has put everybody in much higher spirits.
To commemorate this event, I told InksGuy to make us some statues to decorate the fortress entrance. He’s good with stone, I’m sure he’ll make something fantastic.

InksGuy finished the statues, but then called for me to show me something. Apparently we’ve been trying to stick all this furniture we’re building into one tiny cavern. It was pretty full by that point. I’ve had to mark out an area outside just to keep all this stuff. Nobody around to steal anything, so it should be fine.

Well, time marches on and if Home knows we’re here other dwarfs must too. Hopefully someone will be sending some trading our way soon. We’ll build a trade depot just outside the main gates and start a road loading right up to the fortress entrance. Maybe in future we can better fortify the depot with some walls or something.

Atheist is friendly with that damned mule. Says it’s a stubborn beast, just like dwarfs. Weird if you ask me.

We’re starting work on the first floor of the tower today, so I told Atheist and Balthasar to lend a hand with the masonry. Neither are particularly great with a hammer and chisel, but every little helps on the Tower Project.

Huh, Autumn has snuck up on us. The trees outside are withering, and the ground is covered in leaves. Kinda pretty really. It’ll make the trees easier for me to cut down, but I don’t know if the wood will be any good. Phase says now’s the time to grab herbs and plants as most will be dead in Winter. At this point, I’m not entirely sure why he tells me these things. He knows what he’s doing and does his job whether I tell him to or not.

Awww, one of the dogs had puppies. Little things are just plodding around, happy as can be. Adorable things. Hope someone decides to take care of them.
I’ve been making little wooden knick knacks lately. Just sitting in my workshop, whittling away in-between lumberjacking. InksGuy says he could make some decent traps from what I’ve made, but I don’t think we want to be endangering everyone else just yet.
Voidseraph says we’re done with mining for now, but I wasn’t so sure. Regardless, he said he wanted to do something else for a while. Fair enough I guess, he’s on the lower levels all day as it is. I told him to take one of the dogs and go hunting.

Oh sweet ale Gods on high, merchants are here! Dwarfs with wagons loaded with goods! And everybody is downstairs gathering stone for the new quarry! Agh! I just sent Atheist to collect Balthasar as fast as possible whilst I talk to the trade liaison. Balthasar said he knew how to haggle, once, he’s the only one who can do this!
Wait, did we ever finish the trade depot?


The caravan just left. We finished the depot and shifted some platinum to trade, but by the time this was all done they were packing up their goods again and Balthasar was still downstairs.
Maybe next season, eh?

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