Imusholtar: Journal 3

March 3, 2010

Jibar’s Journal

Summer is here and the weather is getting warmer. The tunnels will be nice and cool compared to the heat outside, so I’m glad the Great Tunnel is getting along. As much as he complained, Voidseraph sure is working fast.
Along those lines, the walls of the Tower are coming along. I had to tell Rutskarn and Balthasar to go lend a hand though, otherwise InksGuy was doing everything by himself. Actually, maybe that’s not so bad.

Fantastic news! We found platinum just as we finished the Great Tunnel. This should be very useful in future. We’ve got to get the tunnel finished first.

Oh dear. I just got a letter from Home.

Dear Jibar,

What exactly do you think you’re playing at? Not only have you broken all kinds of laws leaving the fortress, you TOOK HALF OUR FOOD STORE.
No, this is not hyperbole. HALF.
And you took it during WINTER.
People are starving now because you took all that rum and turtle meat. Duunkil the farmer has been taken ill and the soil has been flooded after Fenur’s pump system was sabotaged by kobolds. It’s not as though we can even hunt when you took the only hunting animals who could hunt.
Now pay close attention to me you little shi-
Wait, we took animals?-ker, everyone is under explicit orders to avoid your little fortress, or else the Hammerer will have some one on one time with their skull and yours.
I’ll be sending guards to retrieve the food soon.


I’m lead to believe this means no extra labour will be coming our way any time soon. What animals though?

Well, after that dissapointing letter from Home, at least there’s some good news. The second mine has found a huge amount of limestone so there’ll be no shortage of stone to work with soon.
I also stopped by with Rutskarn and had a look at his records. Yeah, we’ve got a few ponies, a mule and a bunch of dogs. Apparently nobody was touching them because I’d given no orders to. What do I do with them? No butchers to cook them even if I wanted to, none of them are good for labour. I told everyone to do with the animals what they will, so… yeah. Maybe someone will have a use for them.

The first floor of the Tower is complete! A great victory for Dikegild. I order a celebratory feast to celebrate and am prompty told by Phase that we don’t have a kitchen. Or a dining room. I have a meeting with VOidseraph now about the future of the mines, so I’ll do up some plans for both and get him working.

Everyone’s a bit down in the dumps lately after the letter from Home. Rutskarn has been freaking out especially. I don’t know why they’re all so worried, we’re doing great out here. Menenar was always filled with empty threats anyway.
I ordered the entrance to the quarry walled over, to ease some worries. Now the only way to the quarry is the Great Tunnel and there’s only one entr

I can write around th

There is a

When this leaves me alon

Okay, Phase chased it away. Somebody decided to befriend the mule we brought and now it’s wandering around being an absolute nuisance. It ate part of my journal and won’t stop nuzzling me when I’m trying to write. The ponies are happy to wander about the Great Tunnel and I haven’t seen the dogs
wit te mul bak

Okay, I’m sitting on top of the hill now. Cursed mule. The camels have wandered back nearby. Camels I like, even if they do spit. Kinda adorable really. Maybe I’ll get a farming program going. I hear camels have good milk.

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