Imusholtar: Journal 2

March 2, 2010

Jibar’s Journal

I’m so sore right now. Days just kinda drag on, and we haven’t got round to making anyway proper to sleep. All of us just kind of kipped out in the tunnels. It wasn’t that nice. That does give me an idea though. I think I need a chat with InksGuy.

Oh yes. InksGuy said it would work so I just gave the orders. No sleeping in the tunnels for me soon. I’m going to be sleeping in the sky! I’ve done up plans for a great tower to really mark Dikegild on the map. My bedroom will be located in the top chamber, so I can oversee the fortress from above. A brilliant plan, if I do say so myself.
Speaking of which, we’ve just started the mining under the northern hill. Voidseraph dug the stairs down just a short while ago and they’ll space out with the caverns soon. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

My good feeling was completely justified! We struck gypsum! Now maybe we can actually start building some things, like a tower maybe. Void is a bit miffed with me though, as I told him not to dig any further north. He says there’s more gypsum there, but I reminded him of the ponds above. Better safe than sorry.

Phase and me just had a very promising chat! He’s been surveying the area, and reckons the soil here is perfect for some farming plots. He reckons he can have us dining on plump helmets before the season is out. All he needed was land.
Well, how can I say no? While I write he’s going over the soil in what was to be the barracks and prepping it for seeds. This is all going so well!

Wow, never seen InksGuy that annoyed before. I asked him how our furniture and tower walls were going and he kind of snapped at me. Apparently we’re running low on rock so he can’t do anything? I said we’re surrounded by rock but he said it wasn’t the right type of rock. Apparently more gypsum would work. Well, I can’t justify that kind of danger. I’ll go do up some plans to further dig in the exploratunnel, maybe there’s something useful down there.

We’ve got a good amount of rock now, so I thought we needed somewhere to put it so I kind of ordered the graveyard turned into a quarry. I’m hoping Rutskarn doesn’t hear about it. It’s way way to the north in the second hill, and he’s been going over his records down here. He’ll never notice. Nope. Never.

Oh boy, I am such a genius. Balthasar and Atheist were complaining about wandering across the open fields to go between the quarry and InksGuy’s masonry, so I thought why not cut out the outside? We’ll dig a giant tunnel going between our two mines! I just did up the plans. There’s enough support beams that it won’t collapse on us, we’ll find some more rock and we’ll have a quick method of transport between our two hills!

Maybe I should have consulted Voidseraph first about that tunnel. He just stuck a pick between my legs when I told him what he had to do. Apparently a miles long tunnel is too much for one miner and two assistants. Phooey. Guess we gotta hope that some guys from back home decide to come and help soon.

Rutskarn’s Journal

I discovered a minor inconsistency in my records moments ago. A large quantity of gypsum coming from an unknown source. Atheist and Balthasar come trudging from the north carrying loads of the mineral upon their back. When questioned, they said that Jibar gave them orders not to tell me about it.
I’m not sure yet, but I think I’m going to have to hurt Jibar a lot.

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