Imusholtar: Journal 1

March 1, 2010

Jibar’s Journal

Well, that journey was boring. I’m not sure what Phase sees in this outdoors stuff, there isn’t much to see. Not one single clump of ore or giant pit anywhere.
Still, we’re here. I made an executive decision as High Awesomer that we would erect our fortress here. Rutskarn did ask why we’re unloading everything in the middle of nowhere, but that’s because he doesn’t understand how to build anything. This is our staging ground. I can already see some nice rocky hills over in the distance, they’ll be good to start with.
I had Balthasar and Atheist do a bit of scouting while I drew out the plans for the mining operation. Apparently they isn’t a single wild animal anywhere around here. They thought they saw a deer, but it was gone next they knew. We really dodged a bolt there! I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about dwarfs starting to build and discovering skeletal monsters or elephants in the area! I hope Rutskarn hasn’t heard those stories, come to think of it.

The mining has begun. We’re digging out a set of halls south of the base camp in the hill there. Not very big these hills, not much room for our grand rooms. We may have to think of something there. Voidseraph is instructing Balthasar on the finer points of mining while they work and Atheist is lending a hand too, so we should be able to start moving stuff in soon.
I’ll be back in a bit. Me and Phase are clearing out some of the nearby plants for some extra food and wood. Always was a dab hand with wood me.

Balthasar just came and told me they’ve got the main stockpile up if we want to move food. Well of course we do! And there’s a lot of it to move to. I made sure to bring a couple years worth of supplies. Rutskarn said maybe an anvil would be useful too, but what does he know? An anvil would’ve taken up all the room for food! I hope nobody back home notices all the food missing.
Come to think of it, Rutskarn and InksGuy haven’t done a thing since they got here. They can help us shift these barrels into the stockpile. We leave them out here, maybe they’ll eat it all! Hahahahaha. I’m hilarious.

Pssst, journal, don’t tell anyone, but it’s harder to cut down trees than I thought! I’m gonna take the wagon apart and say I found the wood nearby. NObody will know. Not like we’ll need the wagon anymore since we’ve got this amazing fortress!

Rutskarn just took me aside for a little chat.
‘Listen,’ he said, ‘I know things are going well right now, but what if they don’t?’
‘How could things go wrong?’ I said.
‘Well these fortresses can go very badly you know.’ I thought he had read those stories for a second. ‘So maybe we should prepare if one of us… doesn’t make it?’
‘Doesn’t make what?’
‘It, you know… you don’t, do you? Life. What if someone dies?’
As silly as he is, Rutskarn did have a point. There was a second hill that looked good for digging. I told Voidseraph to go dig out a big chamber in there. We’ll build a graveyard just in case.

Voidseraph told me that hill has these ponds on top, so he’s got to be careful digging in the second hill. Well, that doesn’t sound too bad. I should probably name these hills soon, if they’re going to be the basis for Dikegild. I’ll think of something.
Why is Phase waving? Hold on.

As I write there’s a herd of camels wandering around just nearby. Phase says they’re migrating or something, so if we want some meat we should hunt now. I don’t know what to do. Food would be good, but the axe is mine and I don’t want to hurt the poor things. They look so cute and what is th
Ew. Eeewww. One of them just spit. Phase says they do that a lot. I don’t want to eat anything that does that. We’ll leave them alone.

Voidseraph tells me the rock of the first hill isn’t good for digging. Too sandy or something, I wasn’t really listening. Two camels were doing something nearby. They’re fascinating when you watch for a while.
Anyway, he reckons the ground beneath would be fine stone and wants to dig an exploratory tunnel to get a better look. I told him to do what he thinks best, never been much of a miner myself. He warned me about calling him a miner again. Oi.

Atheist just legged it over here. Says we’ve struck magnetite in the exploratunnel. See, I knew this was a good idea! Things are going well.

(Here’s a drawing Rutskarn did of the area. It’s a tad… barren, but it’s home now.)


(Oh, and here’s one I did of the Fortress thus far! I’ll save it so we can remember Dikegild in its early years when we’re powerful and rich.)


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4 Responses to “Imusholtar: Journal 1”

  1. Rutskarn said

    I have a good feeling about this.

    Well, the real me does, anyway.

  2. Scuzzball said

    What are you using to make Dwarf Fortress look better? The default looks are honestly the only thing preventing me from playing it.

  3. jibar23 said

    Those two are actually visualisation programs. They take the data of Dwarf Fortress and load those images in a second window. The 3D one is a bit useless until you’re generating really big, impressive structures, but the isometric one is called Stonesense and is pretty useful. It reloads data while you play so it does share a limited part of the dorfs moving around.
    What you want is
    It’s a graphical version of the main game. It won’t work with the visualisation programs, but you probably won’t need them. I was going to use it to produce better screenshots for this LP, but decided instead to use the regular game and visualisation stuff.
    I do understand what you mean though. I’m pretty much half blind, and I cannot see what is going on in regular Dwarf Fortress. I’m playing it now with a tileset and a graphics, though the graphics are bugged up. I’m also playing with four windows open at a time: the game, Stonesense, my notes for updates and a window playing Angel for when there’s not much for me to do.

  4. Scuzzball said

    Thank you very much.

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