Jibar Uses Revive

November 24, 2009

I am opinionated and oddly hostile when discussing media. If you’ve ever spoken with me you’ll know I have very strongly held beliefs about many films and TV shows and will talk at length for no good reason about why x is a terrible y.

You may also know I am a writer. Writing dark horrors, bizarre comedies and just plain weird… things. Cat-Muffins being but one expression of what is surely an undiagnosed mental illness that amuses others.

Now I shall put the two together.

Or… something.

What I mean to do is put up a review of whatever I am playing or watching each Tuesday and Thursday, and then… something on Sunday. I’ll leave it up to you, my mysterious and non-existent fans to decide what this is to be.

As part of this, I’m commandeering the Cat-Muffinominicon site as my new front for war upon the senses. InksGuy will be bugged to give the site a small redesign, mostly so the focus is no longer on Cat-Muffin Radio (which due to the many miles between the team is on an indefinite hiatus).

Following this post will be the first and surprisingly bleak of my opinion pieces as I proceed to inform everyone that I know that I am doing this.

Be prepared. This is going to get ugly.


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