Let’s Plays

June 29, 2009

In case you haven’t heard of Let’s Plays I’ll direct you over to…

Crap. I forgot how to make decent looking links of WordPress, and InksGuy is away.

Sooo, until he gets back:

Let’s Play – TV Tropes | Let’s Play Archive

I am incompetent on the internet, yaaaay.

Anyway, I’ve started a Lets Play over on the Giant In The Playground forums for Fallout 2, find it here:


And the Cat-Muffin Radio team will be doing a video Lets Play in a couple of weeks sooo keep an eye out you fans who I’m led to believe exist.

I also am going to start writing some more soon and I’ll probably post them here.

Now InksGuy, come back from Venice and cover up my failures. *Sigh* Done.


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