Update Schedule Disrupted

May 8, 2009

Hey, all.

You may (or may not, depending on how observant you are) have noticed that we didn’t update last week.

Nor are we updating this week. Or, probably, next week. We all have exams coming up, and therefore need to work. We might update, or we might not. But we’ll try to fit an episode in to our busy lives when we get the chance (Read: Late June…).


Well we could get something done if you guys would chill for a little.
I’ll try and stick up some Cat-Muffinominicon entries in the meantime.


Damn, ye beat me to it. Mainly because I only just remembered…

But yes, we are sorry to announce that the radio will have to put on hold for a while. But like InksGuy said, we may or may not update, but probably not.

Thanks for your patience, we shall return in full force come late June.



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