Episode 4!

April 24, 2009

Hey, InksGuy here, with a brand new episode of Cat-Muffin Radio: Episode 4.
And a way better upload site! You can listen with a different plugin at either of these two locations:

Flash | Quicktime | Direct Download

Or, you can download us to your Hard Drive by right-clicking the Direct Download link and selecting “Save Link As”, or something similar.

Aren’t the internets awesome?
Also, check out the Radio Index for a handy summary of Episode content!


One Response to “Episode 4!”

  1. Woot! *dances*

    I keep getting that jingle stuck in my head. In fact, I was shopping the other day and I was kind of humming it, and the guy in front of me in line turned around and looked at me like I was completely mental. I didn’t even know I was humming it loud enough to hear.

    Maybe the good people of Oklahoma have some kind of special hearing… O_o

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