Cat-Muffin Radio Episodes 1 and 2.

April 10, 2009

Now available for listening:

Episode 2

Stream or Download here!

And for those who haven’t listened yet:

Episode 1

Stream or Download here!

Click the links and either stream it to your computer or download it.

[Jibar] – (InksGuy, something goofed there. Wanna fix up the links a bit?) -Done and done.

[InksGuy] – You’ll need a compatible plugin to stream the files on Z-Share. Windows Media Player 11 works perfectly, some others might too. But if you can’t stream it, feel free to download it. I’m working on Embedding.


4 Responses to “Cat-Muffin Radio Episodes 1 and 2.”

  1. Recaiden said

    I was unable to stream the files, only to download them.

    • InksGuy said

      Hi, Recaiden.

      You’d need a compatible plugin for playing the file… WMP 11 did it when I was using XP, but now, using Windows 7, it doesn’t work for me either… I’m working on it.

  2. Haha these are hilarious. I loved the poem and the bit about the zombie ducks xD

    I like turtles *eyebrow waggle* hehe

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